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If you are looking for lawyers that you can not only talk to but also relate to, who are responsive and focused on workable, practical legal solutions (all whilst providing value for money), you’ve found us here at Emplawyer.

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Blogs 25 December 2022

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Blogs 25 December 2022

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Blogs 25 December 2022

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Our expertise

Whether it is hiring, firing, retiring or anything in between, if it is an employment or workplace relations issue, our specialist team can help.
Whether it is dealing with a complaint/grievance, defending a claim or ensuring your policies and training are up to date, our experienced team can help.
Whether it is interpretation, negotiation, enterprise bargaining, right of entry, disputes or compliance, our specialist team has broad-ranging experience in dealing with all kinds of industrial issues in various sectors.
Whether it is arranging and advising on an investigation, conducting an investigation or upskilling your HR team to do internal investigations, our expert team can help.


When you partner with Emplawyer you can be sure you are getting genuine relevant experience and technical expertise, as well as value for money and a genuine care for you, our client, without compromise.
Winner of the LawyersWeekly
Employment Law Partner of the Year for 2023
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Are you an in-house or generalist legal practitioner looking to upskill in employment law, and earn CPD points while doing so? Or perhaps you’re an HR professional looking to develop or hone your relevant legal knowledge. The experts at Emplawyer offer a two-part live, online course to help you do just that.

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Emplawyer takes a clients-first approach. We are all about understanding our clients, their businesses and their goals, so that we can partner with them toward their ideal outcomes. To find out more, and to read out latest news and insights, visit our LinkedIn page or contact us now.

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